What can I say about myself? I’ve always had trouble writing these, because aside from the fact that I’m a superhero part-timing as a ninja pirate, I’m just not that interesting. But I will try anyway, because what’s an About page if I don’t say anything about myself?
I’m a bookworm (obviously), and have been since I was about 10 or 11. The series that got me obsessed with reading is Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda. To this day it is one of the best series I’ve ever read. I’m also a writer. I’ve been writing my whole life (to a fashion), but didn’t decide I wanted to be a writer until I was 11. I finished my first book (that I had been trying to write since I was 12) when I was 15, though I don’t usually count that one because it sucked and was so short I’m not even sure it counts as a book (106 pages, and I think the font was kind of big). I finished my first real book when I was 17, and this one does count because it was over 84,000 words. Sadly, that was the last book I finished, and I didn’t even really like it after I reread it during editing.

Away from books, I’m just a Catholic military brat. I’ve spent my entire life (so far) moving from coast to coast. My life is very much like Pong. When I’m not reading, I like watching movies. I can sit through just about any movie, no matter the genre, just as long as it’s not rated R. I have this thing about mature content in movies and books. I just don’t like it.


I’d like to say I started this blog to share my passion for books with the world, but I’d be lying. I started this blog because I was bored, and at the time I had no idea what I was going to blog about. My first few months of blogging were… embarrassing, looking back (something I try not to do too often). Fortunately, I discovered book blogging a few months in, and changed my blog’s focus completely which gave my blog a purpose, and I like to think my posts have greatly improved since then.

When I first created this blog on October 22, 2008, it was called Dahlia’s Eclectic Mind. It went by that name for over two years, until I wanted something different (and a screen name that wasn’t so fake. Ren is actually part of my name). I officially made the switch from Dahlia’s Eclectic Mind to Ren at All By MySHELF on January 1, 2011.