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Keeper of the Lost Cities

by Shannon Messenger
Pub. date: October 2012

Twelve-year-old Sophie has always been different — she’s years ahead of the other kids in school and can read minds. She’s always assumed there’s some kind of logical explanation for her talents, but when she meets an adorable and mysterious boy, she finds out the shocking truth. She’s never felt at home because she, well, … isn’t.

There are secrets buried deep in her memory, secrets about her true identity and why she was hidden among humans, that others desperately want and would even kill for. And she must figure out why she is the key to her brand-new world, before the wrong person finds the answer first.


Had I remembered to look this up on Goodreads and add it to my wish list sooner, it would have made my Most Wanted of 2012 list. But alas, I am forgetful. Oh well, just means it gets its own post! This sounds like a really fantastic mid-grade, which is my favorite kind. I can’t wait for October! Not only so I can read it, but also so I can put that awesome cover on my shelf.

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